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Spy your competitors

URL Spy watches them and you do better

  • Find out what Google thinks of them
  • Identify different behaviors
  • View rankings of each link

Examining a wide range of selected links by you, we expose SEO content indicating where each link has been penalized or favored by Google or in any other search engine. Improve already your position in search engines!

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SEO Tool

SEO audit with the best APIs

  • Hrefs, Google Analytics, Built With
  • GeoRanker, eRanker, CopySpace
  • Various information without APIs

Through these APIs offered as system integration, the URL Spy also offers capture of contact information, analysis of social networks, HTTP status and essential content such as title, length url, meta description, meta keywords and more.

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Link Prospecting

Check information from multiple links at once

  • Recover back your positioning and traffic
  • Maximize the performance of your webiste
  • Get great results and long lasting

Spy URL, as your goal, aside from those mentioned above, is to focus on SEO content and how it will transform your business into gold. Not sure how? Contact us or one of SEO experts.




Quickly audit about SEO content inside each link

bringing to you the best information about your organization or even to do a little spy on your competitors.


URL Spy, throught a big array of links, returns big data related like social data, HTML content, links, speed analysis. This SEO tool returns what each link have the best  for your business. We love to do what we do and we believe that our tool will be the right choice for your business to increase your visibility, ranking better on search engines and spy your competitors.

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Link Prospecting


Using advanced techniques, choose how many links you like to harvest and get the necessary SEO content with fast and accurate response.

Social Media


Check the how many social shares a link page contains and if it haves any social content inside.


Analytics Checker


Returns the best information to improve each link analysed with a understandable and clean information about.


SEO Content Analysis


Analyse a amount of information about the content inside the url like contact information, rankings, descriptions, headings, duplicate content, speed analysis, sitemap and much more with no additional cost.


Have doubts how to use URL Spy?


It’s easy! Check out our three important videos and see how fast and precise we get the data that you need! Take this little time to see all the functionalities that we offer in our system. To watch the next video, click on one of the image options below.


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Why Url Spy?


It’s a powerful and sophisticated desktop machine tool built by two SEO professionals which will help your organization to improve your ranking on search engines, elevating consequently the number of access of your website. We give to you not only data-intelligent, but precious and rich feedback over a vast array of links. We offer, between all the great APIs, exclusive ones like GeoRanker and eRanker, great SEO tools and we offer too full brazilian language support.  We have one of the best prices on the market and offer personal support, check it out in our pricing section.



Contact Us


You can contact our team by using the chat on the right bottom, using our e-mail contact@urlspy.net or going to our Contact Us section and filling the form. You can feel free to ask anything, like about the product, giving suggestions, talking about everything involving SEO, do meetings and so on.





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Discover more of our project, you can take a look on our support to get all the knowledge base like settings, tutorials and licensing and take a look on our blog page to know more about our next step.

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